Investment Portfolio


FFC manages its investments through the ongoing construction of a diversified portfolio. Investments are made throughout a variety of asset classes based upon the strategic asset allocation of the firm and encompass a large number of investment mandates.

Our focus is on capital preservation, as we strive to protect ourselves from the potential drawdowns that can often accompany the volatility of the financial markets. Our goal is superior performance on a risk-adjusted basis.

We constantly challenge ourselves to discover new ideas, while trying to find investment strategies that help us achieve our goal. Our implementation is often through a wide range of externally managed funds, allocating to those investment managers who have an expertise and/ or talent we desire. This approach allows us to maintain a small staff, yet capitalize on the large universe of opportunities available in the market. At times, we do invest capital directly, as we look to deploy proprietary ideas or, conversely, hedge certain risks specific to our investment portfolio.

Despite our conservative approach, we are opportunistic, and will strive for outsized returns if we uncover an investment that warrants the risks involved. These investments are sized accordingly, and represent a smaller portion of the portfolio. We are an entrepreneurial group, consistent with our long history, and keep an open mind on potential investment opportunities.