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Real Estate Holdings

What We Do

FFC Capital invests in properties throughout the United States. Guided by the philosophy of targeted, focused real estate investments as well as the objectives of growth, value creation and performance returns, FFC Capital has built an exceptional real estate portfolio. Our real estate investments are diversified by state, as well as by industry segment, and include various premier brands and chains of hotels, drug stores, retail stores, warehouses, apartment buildings, commercial office buildings, multi-family projects and condominiums.

Key investment themes to any deal we do include:

  • Joint venture with third party owner/developer with proven track record
  • Target cyclically low relative value property types with upside potential through repositioning, capital improvement and leasing
  • Formulation and implementation a financial and operational business plan to generate superior returns
  • Provide equity to joint venture partners that primarily source opportunities and proactively execute value-added business plans
  • Recapitalize existing portfolio with an equity investment structured as preferred equity or mezzanine debt and/or credit support