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FFC Capital Managers

Throughout every level of the organization, FFC Capital provides outstanding expertise from the fields of real estate, law, operations, construction, finance and accounting. The synergies created by the various professional and educational backgrounds of the executive leadership team combine the necessary skills needed to guide FFC Capital towards lasting success.

To learn more about the FFC Capital Management Team, choose from the list of managers below.

Nathan Bollinger, Vice President
of Development

Nathan Bollinger
Vice President of Development
Jon-Sine, Director of Construction & Development

Jon Sines
Director of Construction and Development
Pamela Vidmar

Pamela Vidmar
Director of Finance and Administration
Josh Gilch, Director of Finance and Investments

Josh Gilch
Director of Finance and Investments
Tony Harding, Controller  Real Estate

Tony Harding
Controller Real Estate
John Alexander, Regional Controller

John Alexander
Regional Controller
Evan Uselton, Accounting and Information Technology Manager

Evan Uselton
Accounting and Information Technology Manager
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