Real Estate Holdings


FFC Capital's acquisition strategy is based on realistic, obtainable investment goals to provide attractive returns on investment. FFC Capital relies on a focused and selective approach to recognize unique market opportunities. Before any decision is made to acquire a property, FFC Capital ensures there are compelling investment dynamics that work in the corporation's favor. This approach often requires proprietary sourcing of assets. FFC Capital never strays from its disciplined investment valuation approach.

Acquisition occurs at various stages of development and includes vacant parcels of land, ground-up developments and completed real estate projects in need of a brand change, asset upgrade, asset restructuring and/or repositioning.

In evaluating each property, various value creation opportunities are considered such as:

  • Brand change
  • Ground up development
  • Upgrading to a preferred brand through capital expenditures
  • Margin improvement (via expense controls and/or operational efficiencies)
  • Restructuring and/or repositioning an asset