Real Estate Holdings

Asset Management

Once FFC Capital acquires or develops a property, we continue to apply scrutiny. By focusing on the asset's operation, we ensure the property is reaching full potential and maximizing performance returns. There is simply no substitute for FFC Capital's vigorous oversight of investment properties, especially given the corporation's wealth of real estate industry experience and expertise. While FFC Capital generally relies on the size, depth and skill of third party management companies to handle the day-to-day operational issues, FFC Capital continues to oversee management companies closely.

The FFC Advantage

Typical activities performed by FFC Capital in the process of real estate asset management include:

  • Review and critique all financial statements as generated to ensure property is operating as effectively and efficiently as possible
  • Encourage management company to enhance revenues and profits by challenging them to devise better ways of managing
  • Suggest alternative yield management strategies
  • Manage expenditures to achieve operational efficiencies and improve margins
  • Evaluate human resources to ensure management company has the best possible people managing the property
  • Complete physical inspections of property and address repairs and maintenance issues promptly
  • Visit a property's market area frequently to assess any changing conditions that may affect performance